Bought it for my father who tends to catch a cold rather easily. That happening has reduced considerably since he started having this.

The taste has a tinge of herbal essence to it, which is jot overwhelming like how herbal broduxts usually tend to get. I had it with my usual chamomile tea and the tinge of herbalness was very flavourful and i quite enjoyed it myself.

Doobie Blask

As unique as its name this product is exceptionally different and very useful.
Now that I have used it for a month I can confidently say that it is a must use product.
Especially for people who are health conscious.

Benefits as per me about this product are:

1) whole day energy level is boosted .
2) Helps in focusing
3) Mind and body is relaxed
4) It helps a lot in workout
5) loosing body pounds faster
6) Your immune system is boosted.

Akash Chaudhary

Excellent product. No more bloated stomach and constipation. I have used it with Doge boost.

The results are excellent even the pain in my knees have gone which may have been due to gas. I fell so fresh for whole day. I strongly recommend it.

Manoj Kumar

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