DeTox Fitness DigeBoost


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What is DeTox Fitness DigeBoost?

DeTox Fitness DigeBoost is a premium ayurvedic supplement which is a unique blend of rare organic herbs that helps to methodically clean the intestines of accumulated fecal matter and hence strengthens the digestive system. It is also helpful in removing harmful toxins from the body and in counter-acting the effects of strong medication/antibiotics.

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What will DeTox Fitness DigeBoost do for my body?

1. It will help to regulate your bowel movement (even in cases of chronic constipation).
2. It will help to fight against acidity, gas, acid reflux, etc.
3. It will help to dislodge and expel the accumulated fecal matter from the intestines which, in time, will help your body extract nutrients from the food more effectively.
4. It will help to expel toxins from the body.
5. It will help to counter-act the effects of strong medications/antibiotics.

How will the function of DeTox Fitness DigeBoost improve my health?

The combined action of cleaning the intestines along with regulating the overall digestive process and toxin removal will :
– Boost your body’s natural metabolism.
– Improve digestion.
– Extract more energy from the food eaten thereby reducing lethargy.
– Make your body cleaner from the inside and stronger on the outside.

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