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What is DeTox Herbals Liver Combo?

DeTox Herbals Liver Combo is a wholesome package that helps in various liver and digestive issues. This large combo pack contains 2 (TWO) DeTox Herbals Liver Shield and 1 (ONE) DeTox Herbals Body Detoxifier.

DeTox Herbals Liver Shield is a premium ayurvedic supplement which is a unique blend of rare organic herbs that helps to reduce liver damage, strengthen the liver and then keep it in prime shape.

DeTox Herbals Body DeToxifier is a premium ayurvedic supplement which is a unique blend of rare organic herbs that helps to methodically clean the intestines of accumulated fecal matter and thereby strengthens the digestive system. It helps to seek and kill harmful bacteria in the body. It is also helpful in removing harmful toxins from the body and in counter-acting the effects of strong medication/antibiotics.

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Is your Liver and Digestive System healthy?

In today’s lifestyle of eating at restaurants, consuming alcohol fairly often and of busy work schedules that disrupt our body clocks, the most affected organs in the body are the Liver, Stomach and Intestines i.e. your Liver and your Digestive System.

Problems in the digestive system can be easily noticed with improper bowel movement, constipation, gas, acidity, acid reflux, etc. It must be noted that symptoms of liver disorders are very late to show because the liver is a very resilient organ so it is often observed that even people who feel absolutely healthy have some form of liver damage.

What can cause Liver and Digestive Problems?

1. Consumption of outside food.
2. Lack of exercise or physical activity.
3. Consumption of unhealthy and adulterated foods.
4. Lack of fiber in diet.
5. Irregular meal times.
6. Consumption of red meat (e.g. Mutton).
7. Consumption of oily and/or fried food.
8. Consumption of alcohol.
9. Consumption of Protein Supplements.
10. A history of liver disease (e.g. Jaundice, Hepatitis, etc.)
11. Consumption of strong medicines and/or antibiotics.

What are the symptoms of Liver and Digestive Problems?

1. Regular instances of gas and/or acidity and/or acid reflux.
2. Improper bowel movement.
3. Bloating of the abdomen after meals.
4. Lack of appetite.
5. Irregular appetite.
6. Pain on the right side of the abdomen.
7. Yellowing of nails and/or eyes.
8. Stiff abdomen.

How will using DeTox Herbals Liver Combo improve my health?

The combined action of cleaning the intestines along with regulating the overall digestive process and toxin removal along with strengthening of the liver will :
– Boost your body’s natural metabolism.
– Provide freedom from issues of gas and acidity.
– Improve digestion.
– Extract more energy from the food eaten thereby reducing lethargy.
– Reduce chances of bacterial infection.
– Make your body cleaner from the inside and stronger on the outside.

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